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Our patented technology utilizes a lever driven mechanism that seamlessly transfers our trolley between a compacted zipline cable and a machined aluminum rail system.  With the electronically controlled and powered SKYSURFER trolley, the rider can pass over canyons and flat topography, and even climb 15% grades like no other zipline system.

Left and right turns are made simple with no need of guides placed throughout the course.  The guest stands on a surf board that moves freely on all axes below the drive system, while wearing a full body harness with a dorsal ring on the back.


Spans can be up to 1000’ with the cable system flowing directly through the innovative rail design.  We utilize a regenerative braking system to maintain a consistent speed on the course and throughout the curves.  The trolley has been designed to accelerate out of the curves and drop into the cable profile simulating the “drop in” sensation that is experienced when riding a wave on the ocean.  Being fully redundant, our electronic systems insure proper spacing of the units, with up to four SKYSURFERS on the cable system at one time, maximizing throughput.


The SKYSURFER trolleys use RFID technology to report back to the point of sale system keeping track of each trolley’s location and eliminating the need for hard copy maintenance records.  The SKYSURFER maintenance and operations division will remotely monitor your site and will forecast preventative maintenance events.


Due to SKYSURFER’S high level of customizability and adaptability, it can be built at virtually any location regardless of topographical limitations.

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