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SKYSURFER is fully customizable and can be uniquely designed to fit your specific application and environment.  Each SKYSURFER ride is designed from the ground up, with the end user in mind. SKYSURFER’s ability to climb in elevation, turn corners (both inside AND outside), and to decrease elevation, allows each ride to suit the owner/operator.   These features of the SKYSURFER ride make it suitable for a variety of applications such as theme parks, family entertainment centers, zoos, beaches/marinas, and ski resorts to name a few. Oh, and don’t forget, since our system is battery operated, it can be designed to operate both indoors and outdoors!


During the engineering phase, our highly skilled engineers take the customized design and make sure the ride operates safely and seamlessly according to the standards, goals, and applications that are specified during the design process.  Our unique ability to control the speed of the ride allows us to create a guest experience that is tailored to meet the needs and goals of the owner/operator.  


Once your ride has been fully designed and engineered, the real excitement begins.  Our fabrication team will then build your SKYSURFER components in our U.S. based manufacturing facility to ASTM standards.  Once your ride has been fully built and tested to meet SKYSURFER quality control specifications, it will be carefully placed into shipping containers and prepared for transportation to your location.  Our SKYSURFER advance team will arrive on site before your containers are delivered, and will handle site preparations which may include permitting, foundation installation and environmental impact mitigation.


SKYSURFER is so much more than a fully customizable, quality engineered, and expertly built ride.  Many stellar products fail because the operational aspect is left to trial and error. SKYSURFER is staffed with experts in the field of business operations.  The SKYSURFER team will leave you with training for all management and employees including guidelines, manuals, and training.

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