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SKYSURFER designs, engineers, and builds the world’s only multi-vector zipline amusement ride, but SKYSURFER is so much more than a ride; it is a complete business system.


SKYSURFER is unique in that the ride technology itself is the first of its kind.  Our innovative, patented technology allows riders to ascend, descend, round corners, and reach speeds of up to 73 k/h (45 m/h).

When you choose SKYSURFER, you are getting so much more than a technologically advanced, fully customizable ride.  You are getting a fully functioning, fully operational business system.  Our team will handle all aspects of your business from the first design meeting to training staff, installing point of sale systems and merchandising.  We also look to establish additional revenue streams such as photographs, souvenirs, and retail combinations that increase per cap spending.


Our business model allows for remote access using your handheld device or laptop.  Through this portal, an owner/operator receives real time updates from their SKYSURFER business, allowing an owner/operator to manage their site from any location. 

The SKYSURFER system has created a new opportunity within the zipline industry.  SKYSURFER was designed to maximize safety, thrills and profits.  

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